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Available Sizes: EU 30-50/ UK 4-24/ US 0-20


This T -shirt is a must have for any closet.
It has a dropped shoulder seam with a short sleeve on top.
The back panel is longer than the front panel with a rounded hem.
It is slightly fitted, but still loose enough at the bottom to fit any body type.
You can perfectly combine this T-shirt with jeans or a skirt for a casual look.
You can choose between a V-neck or a round neck at the front.
If you can’t choose, why not just make both?

• Fabric: See fabric required table.
• Sewing thread: (Elastic) stitching silk.
• Machine needle: Jersey or ballpoint machine needle.
• Seam tape (optional)

Fabric consumption table T-shirt Ludgi
Fabric consumption table T-shirt Ludgi
size chart ladies
Size chart ladies